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CVS Performance Database

For reasons of privacy, the CVS Performance Database is no longer available for download from this web page. It is still maintained inline with the description below and will be made available to duly authorised District 15-affiliated club officials upon request to the CVS Records Officer. The information returned will contain results for swimmers who are members of the requesting club only.

The CVS Approved Meets report was last updated on 13/11/2022.

About the CVS Performance database

For the benefit of all swimmers and their coaches and to greatly ease the workload of District officials through the season Central Victoria Swimming has created a database to record the performances of every swimmer in the District. The database will be maintained by the District Records Officer using Hy-Tek's Team Manager v5.0 program.

A permanent record of every performance by every swimmer will be recorded in the database. This information will be available to swimmers and coaches upon request. It will also be used to assist District officials in the selection of District representative squads through the validation of times swum and the electronic submission of Meet entries. Entry qualifying times for the District Championships will also be verified through the database.

Other benefits include the automatic discovery of new District Records and the detection of National, State, Country and District Qualifying Times that have been achieved for all Long and Short Course Championships. The creation of the database will provide a great tool to track the improvements of all swimmers over time. However, its success depends greatly upon the co-operation of each and every swimmer, coach and Club official.

Only the times recorded in the database will be considered when representative squads are being selected and District Championship qualifying times are being verified. The results of Swim Meets run by District 15 Clubs, all Meets at which District representative teams compete as well as National, State, Country and District Championships will be automatically included in the database. For all other Meets it will be the responsibility of the swimmer to advise a Club official when he or she has competed outside of the District. The Club official must then obtain a copy of the swimmer's results from the host Club. Only electronic results in Meet Manager or Team Manager format will be accepted by the District Records Officer.

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